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If your enquiry is regarding  types of readings, reading times or prices, please go to my Readings Page first, HERE

You can contact Lynne in a number of ways. Please select which one that suits you best. 

Please note, these options are only for enquiries regarding booking a reading. No reading can take place until a payment has been received.

Please see Readings Page for details of readings and how to pay.

If you would like to speak to Lynne, just call one of the numbers above and see how she can help you. A reading won’t be carried out at this time, but a booking maybe arranged.

However, if you are unable to get a reply it means Lynne is helping other clients, so please be patient.

it might be easier to send her an email instead.

Please allow 24 hours for Lynne to get back to you as she is so busy.  

Many Thanks.