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If you're looking to find guidance in your everyday life, either to help you gain more focus in your career, or come to terms with losing someone close to you, you need a competent and highly respected Psychic that you can trust. you need to call upon the expertise and guidance of Lynne Caddick.

Lynne, also known as Lynne Trance Medium, is a charismatic, warm and also renowned for her uncanny accuracy and over the past 30 years has helped people from all walks of life throughout the world. Lynne also specialises in Relationship Readings of all kinds. Please note all reading times are based on UK, GMT. See readings page for details.

Physical mediumship has not been demoted to books in history but on the contrary is very much active in today’s UK. Although there is an unfortunate lack of public demonstrations of physic mediums UK still had a lot of quite private home circles running. Hundreds of mediums as well as sitters are working diligently with the spirit controls that they possess and practice on developing their gifts. To find a psychic medium UK has been featured on Olson’s directory too, a few of authentic mediums in UK are listed HERE, Lynne is proud to be one of them.

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