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As I sat down upon my chair

Thinking of him with wonder and care

Suddenly a light so clear and bright

Appeared to me and I trembled with fright

Trembling inside, I rose to my feet

The light grew bigger, a place to hide I did seek

No corner big enough for me to hide

As it filled the room the fear deep inside

Then suddenly a voice did speak aloud

"Fear not my child, for in you I am proud"

With that a face appeared to me so real

That of a man looking so surreal

A melody of love with no hate or fear

Playing harps so beautiful I could hear

Yes a Miracle had taken place in front of me

The great spirit of Light had appeared to me

More Coming Soon


Dear Spirit above in the sky so bright

Will you come down and speak with us tonight

We long to see you or feel your grace

Upon our circle in this quiet place

We send to you our thoughts of love

Hoping that you come down from above

Our channels are open, we feel safe within

We wait your presence this night herein

We sit silently here in prayer

Hoping you will appear somewhere

We wait and pray that perhaps today

You will appear to us and guide the way

Our hearts are open to you so dear

Our cries we hope you will hear

Our cries are that of hope and love

So that you may come down from above

Quiet...Listen..I hear his presence


He brings with him his love and light

His angels he brings too to guide us right

He is showing us all his love

Yes he HAS come down from up ABOVE


God says he has given me many guides, Several of which when seen I have prayed

But one came to me the other day sent by Gods hand to help show me the way.

Take my hand to help you my child, He is good, he is kind, above all he is wise

Widsom he will show you to guide the way, knowledge he will give you to learn each day

This man is tall, he has white hair, he carried a staff close by his side

He has sparkling eyes and a lovely smile, his voice is gentle and his words are wise

Before he appears his dog greets me first, he runs round my ankles and tickles my feet

Last time he came he showed me a bone, little did I know he was guiding me home


I wrote this for a dear friend of mine whose father passed away,

and I often read it especially when my parents and my husband passed away.  

I hope it helps YOU in some way.

Dont cry my friend, lift up your heart

Don`think of the times you will be apart

Remember the life you shared here on earth

Remember the Gold. Frankincense and Myrh

He has gone my friend to that Garden so Fair

He will help you and guide you, and your burden he`l share

So remember my friend, he isn`t far away

Just reach out your hand and call his name

The moments you’ve given to those who pass by

The ears you have loaned to the people who cry

Remember the love you have given him

Remember the faith you hold deep within

May God grand you the wish so dear to your heart

May he lead you and help you make a new start

He has given to you the Gift of Love

May God Bless you with his "Eternal Love"