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I have known Lynne Caddick for some time now and she is a very special person with a very special gift and talent. An ordinary lady from an ordinary background who brings light into many lives. I have had the privilege of knowing Lynne through her Martial Art Teachings for which she is known all over the world and I have followed her progress also as a Medium. She has the ability to communicate with spirit in such a unique way and brings hope to many. With her skills she has demonstrated that there is a life beyond that no one can deny. Lynne so deserves to be among the Best and recognised for her ability and the work she does withspirit and the help and guidance she gives to so many here. Wales is proud of Lynne and of course the UK, and through this very rare opportunity she will be known throughout the World. I would like to give Lynne my vote as she so deserves to be amongst the Best. The National Register honours those who gives to others, and they so deserve the recognition.

John Taylor

I would love to recommend Lynne Caddick for inclusion in your book of BEST PSYCHICS WORLDWIDE. An amazing, lovely, genuine lady from whom I had the pleasure of a having a reading recently. I met Lynne at a Psychic event and was really overwhelmed with her ability to connect with spirit. It gives me great pleasure indeed to give her my vote as she so rightly deserves to be included in this wonderful opportunity to let people know who she is and where she is from and the work she does for people like us through spirit and our loved ones that have crossed over.

Samantha West

I would love to nominate Lynne Caddick for inclusion into the national directory of the Best American Psychics. Myself along with 5 other of my friends requested to have a reading by Lynne about 6 months ago. In all honesty we were all very nervous to meet her but she put us right at ease as soon as we met her. She is a lovely woman with a very kind nature. She made us feel comfortable. She blew us all away with her accurate readings. All 6 of us. She is one of the best I have ever had a reading from. My sister and her friends advised me to have a reading with her, they told us how amazing and accurate she was. She knew things, not even my friends knew about their own family. Needless to say we were all amazed. Lynne is loved and respected by everyone that knows her in Wales and by many around the world. She is so deserving to be a part of this. Many thanks.

Mikila Marshal