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Lynne Caddick
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Welcome to Lynnes World. Fondly known as The People Psychic   

This page is dedicated to my late husband Paul and the work we now do together.

Our life together although we were only meant to be together for a short time was for a reason, as Paul, now on the other side since 1981 just short of his 35th birthday, now helps me here from beyond the veil.

He was always willing to help others and during the Floods in

Cardiff in 1979 and 1980 he was a saint to those lives he saved

including his own.

A very shy but charismatic guy, Paul was my life and soul mate,

even though he had terrible health problems but no one was aware

how serious they were but me. The doctors couldn’t find anything

wrong with him, but I knew Pauls character was changing and

that something dreadful was going to happen to him. This sudden

change of character caused a rift between us, and I feared him for

a while, then he would change back to the loving husband anyone

could wish for.  However, his violent outburts took a tole on our

relationship so we parted for a while, but soon started making

plans to  get back together. For a while Pauls symptoms were

getting better and he seemed to be getting back to his old loving

self, when disaster struck and he passed away in his sleep.  

We were making plans to move to Teignmouth in Devon where Paul had a position as a Ships Chandler, and at last everything was coming together for Paul, myself and Paula. He passed away before we started making the plans to move.  A day I will never, ever forget as long as I live. He was a wonderful husband and father and God took him from us before his time and before we had a chance to make a life together.

He is now my main Spirit Guide and Gatekeeper and he works with my other guides who help me with my Spiritual Work especially my Trance work, and vets all spirits before he allows them close to me. Just like Paul to keep me safe.

My work with Spirit is important to me and he has always tried to help

and support me with it whilst he was alive, and continuing to do so

from the side of Spirit.

Dedicated also to all of you who have lost a loved one.

Remember they are still beside you helping and supporting you.