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Lynne Caddick
Psychic Medium
Welcome to Lynnes World. Fondly known as The People Psychic   

Lynne takes a lot of care and time in here readings, she has built her reputation on it. She receives many requests for readings every day. This can take it’s toll on her time and her energy. She asks you to please be patient when waiting for your reading. She will get to you as soon as she possibly can.

Preparing for a Reading

Make sure you have your question(s) clearly thought-out in advance of requesting your reading. If your reading is by email, ask your question(s) clearly and concisely for best results. If your reading is going to be "live" by Telephone or Skype, remember to take notes. Taking notes is very important during your session. Things that may not make sense at the time of your reading may prove very important later. You can refer back to those notes at a later time.

Advisory Note: If your enquiry for a reading is medically related, be it seeking advice on illness, cures, medicines or treatments. Lynne is not medically qualified to discuss such matters and urges you to seek medical advice from your doctor, GP, hospital or other suitable medical body or professional.

Lynne offers primarily, two types of readings, Email and Skype/Telephone. Within those, there are three price structures.

Regular Readings: This is the standard rate reading.

Same Day Reading: Where you may need an urgent answer to a question or query. The Same Day readings are only available subject to availability and apply to both new and existing clients. (Same Day means within 24 hours of your payment being received)

Out of Hours/Emergency Reading: Lynne is based in the UK and receives enquiries from all over the world. Lynne’s normal working hours are 10.00 to 17.00 GMT, Monday to Friday. So please check the time difference if calling from outside of the UK. Lynne does offer an “Out of Hours” tariff if you require a reading outside of her normal working hours, but these are subject to availability.

Get an instant phone reading from Lynne

For an instant phone reading with Lynne, there is the option
to use the click 4 advisor service (subject to availability)
To proceed with your instant
call, please use the link below

This service is provided by Cost per call is shown on the link page

Please Note:
Lynne is UK based so please
ensure you call between
8am and 10pm
(Subject to availability)
Current time in the UK
Also note, there maybe times when
Lynne maybe unavailable or otherwise
engaged in other call or chat sessions
Current time in the UK is…

Before proceeding with purchasing any reading with Lynne, please ensure you have read and understood our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. By proceeding with your reading, it will be taken as read the you have seen and understand the T&C’s .Thank You.

Spiritual & Psychic Development

My Spiritual Development teachings

Lynne has developed her skills over many years and has produced a document that will aid spiritual and Psychic development. Suitable for beginners who have an interest in spiritual and psychic development or those that have already begun their journey and would like the opportunity to develop their abilities and interest further.

   This Includes:

   Meditation & Visualisation  |  Grounding & Protection  |  Chakras

   Working and Understanding your Chakras  |  Meeting Your Spirit Guide(s)

   Developing your Third Eye Chakra  |  Auras  |  Psychic Workshop.

   Connection & Working with your Spirit Guides


These are just a sample of what you will be learning. The guides are available by email or can be sent via post if required.

Information pack will be sent out as soon a possible after purchase

To enquire about Spiritual and Psychic Development, please email Lynne HERE

Out of Hours or Same Day Readings
Out of hours or same day readings are available but only when agreed first with Lynne and are subject to her availability.
It is important you check with Lynne first before making any booking. CLICK HERE for more details

Payment Process:

We respectfully request that payments are made prior to booking your reading and not at the time of your reading. To make a booking, please follow the steps as directed in the relevant reading sections below… All payments are made through Paypal.

1: Select the preferred reading type you would like from the     choices on the left or below

2: Purchase reading using the Paypal ‘Buy Now’ link.

3: Call or email Lynne using one of the methods below

4: Lynne will then confirm payment has been made and confirm     your reading date and time.

NOTE: If you are requesting a Same Day or Emergency Reading, the process will be the same but your reading may not take place  immediately, but you will be contacted within 24 hours of making your appointment.

Mobile: (+44) 07802 312 905
Skype:  (+44) 02921 254 459

Regular Telephone or Skype Readings:

Regular Telephone or Skype Readings (Only available Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm GMT)  To learn more about Skype, click here

Choose from…
15 Minute Telephone or Skype Reading (Ask one question only)
30 Minute Telephone or Skype Reading (Ask up to two questions only)
45 Min Telephone or Skype Reading (Ask up to three questions only)

Additional time over your pre-booked allocation may incur an additional fee



Spiritual & Psychic Development Teachings

Email Readings:

Email readings are another popular way of receiving your reading. For those who don’t want a telephone reading, you may find email easier for you. Here you can ask a simple question to which you want an answer or if there is more than one question, there is the up to three question option. Email readings can take some time to prepare especially during busy periods. So please be patient.

Regular clients of either Telephone or Skype readings, may qualify for a discount if you have had at least two previous readings with Lynne.  Please contact Lynne first to see if you qualify.

Psychic Love Readings

Can we ever get back together? How does he/she truly feel about me?

Are they being true and honest with me?  Will they ever commit?

Are they the 'right' person for me?

See if Lynne can answer your query

Note: If your question is ‘Love’ related,
please use the Psychic Love Reading option above